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Vedanta Limited Jharsuguda Odisha Case Study


Vedanta Limited, a subsidiary of globally-renowned mining behemoth Vedanta Resources Plc, is a world leader in aluminium production. The company has made pioneering achievements in technological innovation, advanced product quality and superior work culture that facilitate timely completion of projects and maximize customer value addition. Vedanta Limited has invested in two greenfield aluminium smelting plants at Jharsuguda, Orissa. Jharsuguda is situated in the western part of Orissa on the State Highway No-10, at a distance of 335 K.M. from Bhubaneswar and 310 K.M. from Raipur.

Project Description

The mission is considering the use of packaged waste water treatment plants as part of efforts to support development of needed wastewater treatment infrastructure in the Plant-II, Vedanta Limited. Packaged wastewater treatment plants are used successfully around the world as a cost-effective method of treating wastewater and as an attractive alternative to traditional, large scale treatment plants for certain application.

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the project is to establish waste water treatment plants and re- use the treated water in different locations for gardening, vehicle washing, dust suppression, flushing and even cooling purposes according to the environmental standards minimizing the fresh water use.


Sewage treatment plant the proposed sewerage system would serve to treat, transfer & reuse the sewage arising from the existing shop floor users. This would achieve the effect of eliminating untreated or partially treated sewage discharges. This represents the major benefit of the Project, not only in the respect of water quality improvement but also to the local environment by eliminating unhealthy, malodorous and potentially visually unpleasant surface discharges. Report also ensures that well defined institutional mechanism is in place to monitor and evaluate the progress of the project during construction, implementation and operation phases.


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