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Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Chemical Processing

Water Treatment & Process Solutions for Manufacturers

Ethylene, styrene, ammonia, and other chemical producers need longer run times, less fouling, and improved compliance with safety regulations. Chemical producers have unique needs that require efficient and safe solutions. For example, butadiene producers worry about the formation of sheet and popcorn polymer. Ammonia and fertilizer producers need antifoaming and corrosion protection for amine scrubbers.


  • Improved productivity
  • Optimized performance and life of critical equipment
  • Increased process uptime
  • Reduced costs and waste
  • Improved safety
  • Cost-effective regulatory compliance

Infrastructure- Facilities Management

Water Treatment Management for Facilities

Ensure indoor comfort, safeguard assets, and comply with regulations for your hotel, university, office building, and more.The effects of water treatment go well beyond maintaining satisfactory performance in HVAC systems. Water treatment has a profound impact on utility and maintenance costs, equipment life, worker safety, and regulatory compliance.


  • Optimize heating and cooling performance and occupant comfort
  • Keep heat exchangers, cooling towers and boilers clean and efficient
  • Conserve water and energy to protect the environment and your budget
  • Manage environmental, health and safety issues
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Protect critical assets against corrosion, scaling and biofouling

Food & Beverages

Food and Beverage Water & Wastewater Treatment

Ingredient water, process water, wastewater… all of it can directly affect the success of your company. To ensure and promote product safety and achieve regulatory compliance, a bottling facility has different needs than a brewery or bakery manufacturer, we have that solution to target specific challenges like production uptime, foam control, and cleaning regulation.


  • Protect and treat cooling towers & boilers
  • Clean wastewater for discharge or reuse, thus improving your water-use ratio
  • Improve uptime with remote monitoring & diagnostics

Metal &Mining

Metals & Mining Solutions

Price fluctuations, increasingly stringent environmental regulations, and water scarcity concerns are putting pressure on the metals manufacturing and mining industries to shift towards more responsible and profitable operations. The management of water and wastewater in metals manufacturing and mining is essential to operations. The restricted water consumption and relieving environmental regulations always been prime for these industries. We cater water supply management tools, water reuse systems, and waste recycling and recovery systems.


  • Secure and improve efficiency of your operations
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Increase your operational performance and ensure consistent quality
  • Control dust and other emissions

Municipal/Govt. Entities

Municipal Water Treatment Systems

Enabling municipalities to meet growing population needs, overcome scarcity challenges, and comply with regulatory requirements for water and wastewater treatment plants.From filtration technology that effectively treats local source water to electrodialysis that desalinates brackish water, we have the solution necessary to enable you to discharge safe, treated water, and discover new reuse opportunities.


  • Integrated technologies that can handle waters with high turbidity and high organics
  • Lower odours compared to traditional wastewater treatment designs
  • Safer, acceptable effluent for discharge

Pharma & Life Sciences

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Meet regulations, boost productivity, and protect the quality of products with our water purification systems for utility water, ultrapure water (UPW), reactor cleaning, and more. We have a solution to meet specific water and wastewater requirements of pharmaceutical and life science field. We offer water supply, management, and monitoring and include reactor cleaning and more.


  • Reduce costs and improve performance
  • Ensure quality and compliance in manufacturing
  • Verify cleaning for accurate and quick confirmation of process control

Power& Utilities

Power Industry Water Treatment

As we know, power industries use huge water in cooling tower and ancillary plants. We help them with operational efficiency, resource management and environmental performance in water treatment equipment and chemical solutions.

Power requires water and a proper water management strategy requires a service provider who can deliver integrated and holistic solutions across the value chain. Our offerings include chemicals, equipment, and services for raw water pre-treatment, demineralization, boiler protection & condensate polishing, process optimization, cooling systems & blowdown and effluent plant & wastewater.


  • Guarantee continuous and sustainable production
  • Optimize available resources and assets
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental risks

Pulp and Paper

Today’s Pulp & Paper industry is characterized by shifts in consumption habits, rising input costs and stringent quality and environmental standards. Maximizing production efficiency whilst minimizing operating costs has never been more vital. We help organizations in the Pulp & Paper industry overcome their water, process and energy related challenges.


  • Reduced operational costs via water and energy conservation by reusing water
  • Minimized downtime and maximized water and energy efficiency
  • Improved boiler efficiency through feedwater and make-up water optimization
  • Improved heat transfer efficiency and protection for cooling water treatment
  • Protection of critical assets against corrosion, scaling and biofouling
  • Compliance with effluent discharge permits by monitoring TOC
  • Legionella control and compliance
  • Safety and regulatory compliance

Oil & Gas

Refining Solutions

Running a safe, reliable and profitable operation is crucial for refining – especially since a failure in one part of the operation can wreak havoc on the entire refinery. Unplanned downtime and lost production are something refineries cannot afford, especially in today’s competitive market. We treat the most complex water and process challenges, as well as tools to help refiners monitor, control and optimize their operation.


  • Protect valuable capital assets
  • Improve energy efficiency and maximize production output
  • Rapidly respond to changing market dynamics
  • Control cost by treating and reusing wastewater

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