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Seasons Healthcare Ltd. is a premier manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Formulations, Sterile Surgical Dressings and other Medical Devices having a manufacturing unit at Yanam, a district of Puducherry.


We got the work order to renovate the existing ETP-30 KLD manufactured & supplied by Thermax Ltd. The Fluidized Aerobic Bio-Reactor technology i.e. Activated sludge process followed in the existing ETP.
The Fluidized Aerobic Bio-Reactor includes a tank in any shape filled up with small carrier elements. The elements are specially developed materials of controlled density such that they can be fluidized using an aeration device. A bio-film develops on the elements, which move along with the effluent in the reactor. The movement within the reactor is generated by providing aeration with the help of diffusers placed at the bottom of the reactor. The thin bio-film on the elements enables the bacteria to act upon the bio-degradable matter in the effluent and reduce BOD/COD content in the presence of oxygen from the air that is used for fluidization.

The effect of bed clogging can be eliminated using fluidized bed bioreactors. In a fluidized bed, the shear stress is significantly higher than in a fixed bed reactor. Additionally, friction between the particles of the bed occurs.
The application of biomass immobilization on small carrier particles in a fluidized bed also has important advantages, among which, the following should be pointed out:

  • Obtaining a high total biomass concentration, which allows for the increase of the overall process rate.
  • The separation of the residence time of the liquid and biomass phases.
  • A large interphase contact surface between the liquid phase and the biofilm, which ensures a more efficient mass transfer,
  • The possibility of constant bed exchange without stopping the process,
  • A smaller size of apparatus in comparison to other solutions at the same productivity.
  • Mixing of the fluidized bed leads also to such a placement of bioparticles that lighter particles, on which the biofilm is thicker, appear in the upper part of the bed.
  • This stratification gives the possibility of removing lighter bioparticles and controlling the thickness of the biofilm.
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