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Sewage Treatment

Waste water treatment is the process of removing physical, chemical and biological contaminants from the waste water. These plants operate on the principle of degradation of organic matter achieved through bacterial activity. This bacterial activity can be facilitated through biological processes like aerobic treatment (bacterial growth in oxygenated environment) and anaerobic treatment (bacterial growth in the absence of oxygen). In the aerobic process, oxygen is generally supplied in diluted form (in the form of air) to oxygenate water. This facilitates rapid bacterial growth which eats away the organic matter and cleans up water. In the anaerobic process, bacterial digestion is carried out in the absence of oxygen. This process can either be Thermophilic in which sludge is fermented in tanks at a temperature of 55 ˚ C or Mesophilic at a temperature of around 36 ˚ C.

Waste generated from homes mixes with water and collects in sewage tanks and storage areas. Treating this with proper chemicals and impurity removers render the water fit for irrigation or crop watering. Such reuse can significantly reduce the load on dams and irrigation channels set up by the governments. Experts in these fields such as Ace Dynamics can help set up the required capacity plants in the right locations.

Technologies used in Sewage treatment process

All kind of industrial sector are served, Some of them are:

  • Extended aeration
  • Activated sludge process
  • Submerged aerobic fixed film
  • Fluidized media reactor
  • Sequential batch reactors
  • Membrane bio reactor
  • Moving bed bio reactor
  • Tertiary treatment with stage media filtration and chlorination or ultrafiltration
  • Zero Discharge
You find any variants of water treatment plant. Each one has some distinct features and usage. Here are a few popular water treatment methods:

SBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant

SBR is the abbreviation of Sequential Batch Reactor technology. With the capacity of removing TSS, COD and BOD effectively, it is a preferred sewage treatment method today. It doesn’t need a tertiary treatment. SBR sewage treatment plant is energy efficient due to fine bubble aeration. It is easy to operate, and it can handle flexible loads of wastewater.

MBR Sewage Treatment Plant

MBR Sewage Treatment plant uses membrane filtration and activated sludge processes. With the use of submerged membranes integrated into the biological reactor and online backwash system. There is no need of clarifier, settler and polishing units when submersible membrane filtration technique is used.

MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant

MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant is considered incredibly effective in removing all types of impurities from the water that comes out from kitchens or toilets. The different types of impurities are; physical, chemical and biological. MBBR sewage treatment plant uses specially designed tailor-made plastic biofilms carriers. The films are suspended in the water, and they are in a continuous movement within the reactor or tank. It requires a limited space for installation. Power consumption needs are significantly less as compared to other systems.

Package Sewage Treatment Plant

Good quality Package Sewage Treatment Plant can be suggested by our experts based on requirement specs given by individual users, housing colonies, hotels and hospitals, resorts and restaurants, and amusement parks and industries. Tailor-made packages offer excellent usability and efficiency. They serve the purpose of clients up to the maximum extent.

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